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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

18 member preliminary Nepali squad announced for division-4

Birat Raya
Cricket Association of Nepal today annouced 18 member premliminary squad for division -4 cricket torunament going to held in Malayasia this September 3-10 .
Mehboob Alam is not in the squad .
Wicketkeeper Mahesh Chhetri & Binod Das made their comeback in the national team while Pace bowler of Baitadi Yagyaman Kumal is in the 18 member squad for the first time .

Here is the Squad :- 

1. Paras Khadka
2. Gyanendra Malla
3. Sharad Vesawakar
4. Amrit Bhattarai
5. Shakti Gauchan
6. Basanta Regmi
7. Sanjam Regmi
8. Rahul VK
9. Mahesh Chettri
10. Pradeep Airee
11. Prithu Baskota
12. Chandra Saud
13. Sagar Pun
14. Binod DAS
15. Anil Mandal
16. Binod Bhandari
17. Subash Khakurel
18. YagyaMan Kumal


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