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Monday, December 26, 2011

Region no.3,squad for women u-19 national,Shraddha Aryal named captain

National women cricketer Shraddha Aryal named captaion of Region no.3 Kathmandu for womens u-19,national game to be held in Kathmandu from this december 28.
Shraddha Aryal 

Committee Region No. 3 has selected final 14 and 1 reserve player for
the Women's U-19 National Cricket Tournament to be held from Poush 13
- 17, 2068. The selection was made by the selection committee formed
on the presidency of Mr. Kiran Rana, Secretary of Region No. 3. The
members of the committee are Mr. Arun Kumar Aryal, Senior Cricket
Coach and Mr. Samson Jung Thapa, Cricket Coach. Name list of the
selected Women's U-19 Team is as given below:

1. Ms. Pabitra Raut                        - Manager
2. Mr. Samson Jung Thapa            - Coach
3. Ms. Shraddha Aryal                    - Captain
4. Ms. Jeny Sing Thapa                  - Player (W.K.)
5. Ms. Sangeta Gauchan                - Player (W.K.)
6. Ms. Kamala Rai                        - Player
7. Ms. Asmina Karmachayra          - Player
8. Ms. Sandhya K.C.                    - Player (W.K.)
9. Ms. Rabina Bhandari                - Player
10. Ms. Sajani Shrestha                - Player
11. Ms. Christine Tamang              - Player
12. Ms. Karuna Lama                  - Player
13. Ms. Anita Tamang                  - Player

14. Ms. Mallika Basnet                - Player
15. Ms. Sumina Maharjan            - Player
16. Ms. Shilu Rijal                        - Vice-Captain
17. Ms. Santi Khatiwada              - Reserve Player

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