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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nepal beat India in the breathtaking match

Parash khadka with man of the match award

Nepal beat India in their second match of Saarc t20 tournament after an exiting match of cricket.
Chasing 219 runs target Nepal get that target losing just 4 wickets.
Parash khadka and Gyunendra malla played heroic ining for Nepal and give Nepal a historic win.
At one part of the game target for Nepal was looked unchaseable,but Nepali batsman chased the target remaining 3 balls.
Parash and Gyunendra both makes 50 plus runs for Nepal.Parash remain 63 and Gyunendra malla remains on  56 runs not out,
Parash also took 3 wickets in the bowling depart.
Before that ,India makes very good total of 218 runs after not out  99 runs superb ining of Rahul bhatkal.
Nepal have to win the upcoming match  to make place in the semi final.
They will play their 3rd and final group match against pakistan saturday.

score card:-

KIOC (India) Innings 218-4 (20 overs maximum)Runs
Nishanth Singhb Prithu43
Suraj Sampathc Mahesh b Paras10
Anirudh Joshib Paras11
Darshan KVc Mahesh b Paras1
Rahul Bhatkalnot out99*
Nikhil Kashyapnot out45
Angelo Peraranot out6
Extras(w7, nb1, lb1)9
Total(4 wickets; 20 overs)218
FoW: 1-15, 2-30, 3-37, 4-130
Nepal bowling: Paras Khadka 4-0-26-3, Amrit Bhattarai 4-0-41-0, Krishna Karki 4-0-37-0, Pradeep Airee 2-0-36-0, Prithu Baskota 3-0-45-1

Nepal Innings 218-4 (20 overs maximum)Runs
Mahesh Chhetryb Nikhil26
Anil Mandalc Darshan b Nikhil31
Sharad Vesawkarst Darshan b Anish DV18
Binod Bhandaric Nishanth b Nikhil0
Paras Khadkanot out63*
Gyanendra Mallanot out67
Extras(w9, nb5, b2, lb1)17
Total(4 wickets; 20 overs)222
FoW: 1-51, 2-69, 3-69, 4-106
KIOC bowling: Tarun Muthannas 4-0-33-0, Manju Nath 2.3-0-56-0, Anish DV 4-0-32-1, Anirudh Joshi 3-0-39-0, Nikil Kashyap 4-1-40-3, Himmath Singh 2-0-19-0.

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